Eight Crucial Components of a Healthy Diet

Are you sick and tired of old fad dietary routines? Do you want a healthy diet that will revitalize your overall stamina and outlook? If yes, you should hop off the conventional bandwagon and acquire advice from the field’s real experts. Proficient dieticians have spent several years studying and understanding the secret behind super toned celebrities.


All these studies have few points in common. At the end of the day, celebrities and fitness enthusiasts tend to lose several pounds of weight by following a healthy diet. Conversely, this is a challenge that haunts many individuals. So, what does a healthy diet comprise off? The next few lines will give you a sturdy answer to this question!

Drink Plenty of Water

First of all, you should drink plenty of water every day. Never eliminate water from your daily meal plan. This is because water detoxifies the body and removes unwanted radicals. You should drink at least 1.5 litres of water in 6 short hours. On the whole, you must consume eight glasses of water every day for a cleaner and stronger body. This is a measure followed by most fitness enthusiasts. It is quite interesting to note that celebrities rely on water for an even texture and spotless skin.

Consuming Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Healthy diet plans will remain futile without vegetables and fruits. You should eat lots of greens and fresh fruits daily. If you find the process of consuming raw fruits difficult and tacky, you should opt for juices and smoothies. Remember to consume fruit juices with very little or no sugar. Meanwhile, you can amuse over a diet with dried fruits and nuts. Research states that individuals should eat at least a handful of nuts every day. Healthy nuts will confer your body with plenty of minerals and vitamins. Five nuts a day will suffice your body’s quota for these life-changing elements.

Importance of a Healthy Breakfast

If you wish to lead a healthy, balanced life, you must not skip breakfast. As suggested by its name, breakfast will wake you from several hours of fasting. This is one of the most important and unbeatable meal of the entire day. Your breakfast should be framed carefully. Always opt for food items that release energy very slowly. For instance, a spicy porridge with plenty of blue berries will be a great choice. Similarly, you could decide on bread with eggs, low fat yogurt with fruits or healthy tortillas with low fat cheese. When you consume a perfect breakfast, you will not feel weak throughout the day.

Buying the Right Kind of Food Varieties

Healthy-Diet-tips-that-empower-youTo follow a healthy diet, you should have a kitchen with the right ingredients. Thus, learn to plan your meals well ahead. This will help you buy the right kind of products at the right time! Most people fail to adhere to a good shopping list. They tend to shop around for anything under the sky, when they feel hungry. According to dieticians, this is an unwise move that will cost you a healthy outlook! Plan a healthy shopping list and try to avoid a trolley of junk. Stick onto healthy snack varieties like dried fruits, whole meal pita, cereal bars, low fat fruit treats and brown rice cakes.

Eating Meat the Right Way

health-benefitsA healthy diet will be void of visible fat. If you are addicted to processed food items like burgers, sausages and pastries, it’s high time to say goodbye. These are interesting, scrumptious food items that have lots of invisible fat. In fact, fat from processed meats can increase the risks of various cardiovascular diseases and cancer. However, you can enjoy meat varieties by following certain strategies. Before cooking meat, you must trim its white fat and peel off its skin.

Should You Nibble or Gobble Food?

Do you nibble or gobble food? This is a question you must ask yourself every day! J. Barban, author of “The Venus Factor Diet” states that you should use the 3-bit rule with desserts and have 3-smaller bites once you put the fork down! Food that is chewed properly will be absorbed easily. This will prevent the accumulation of unnecessary fat! When you gobble food, the body will take more time to digest. As a result, more fat will be stored in your body. Consequently, you will gain more body mass and feel heavy. The next time you see a plate filled with delicious food varieties, remember to nibble and not gobble!

Chocolate Protein Shakes versus High Calorie Diets

If you wish to lose several pounds of weight in few short weeks, you should stick onto chocolate protein shakes! The delicious beverage will help you burn calories and stay fit in an effortless manner. Do you know that the founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has the habit of carrying a shaker cup loaded with chocolate protein powder, wherever he goes? When Bobbi feels ravenous, he tends to add water to the protein powder and fill his tummy! This helps him resist high calorie diets. Chocolate protein shake is an interesting exception to the avoid-liquid-calories diet.

Eat At the Right Time, Eat Healthy Food items

Last but not least, you should eat properly! The term “properly” represents many enticing parameters. For instance, you must consume the right kind of food items at the right time. Your dietary routine has to be scheduled carefully. Never eat at random hours or cut down important food groups. Your body requires a balance between nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and fibre. Hence, make sure you consume all these essential nutrients without any denial.

You are What You Eat!

As you follow a healthy diet, you will feel strong and mentally motivated. The journey will give you a picture perfect posture and help you last longer! However, never eat food items you are not fond off. Figure out what works well for you and don’t force your taste buds to eat something just because it has many health benefits. When you force your body to eat certain dishes, you may end up cracking.

Getting Your Children Lose Weight: Thinking “Outside the Box”

Well, it is that time of year again.  The hottest part of the summer and the busiest, August is both an end and a beginning.  The summer is over, children are home from summer camp and those that go to school in other places are finishing up their summer visit and preparing to go back to school.

Most parents have already made their school plans for the coming year and many of us are firming up those plans if they are worried about how get their children lose those extra pounds.  For those with children in school this may involve carpool arrangements or trying to figure out how to cover this year’s increase in tuition and how to maintain a healthy diet with a tight budget.  aa-kids-healthy-eat

For those of us who homeschool these preparations include confirming classes to be taken, registering with the City or County, finalizing arrangements with a Rebbe and ordering curriculum.  It is too hot to go outside, but that’s ok, we spend most of the day on the phone or shopping for supplies.  Yup, it’s almost time for school to start again……for some of us.  Why do I say for some of us?  Well, let me explain.

Within the Jewish Homeschooling Community, there are two basic philosophies (no, that can’t be right – 40 families and only two philosophies?) Ok, humor me a little.  There are those who homeschool because they have chosen homeschooling as a lifestyle choice.  They believe that it is an integral part of raising children with the idea that the home is the center of their life.  Such families are usually very concerned about giving their children a high quality and well-rounded education, but they are not so concerned about making sure that their children’s educational program conforms to the abstract yet rigid standards set by the institutional school establishment.  As I put it, they are willing to “think outside the box” when it comes to how they educate their children.


The other philosophy of homeschoolers in our community is the result of the schools themselves.  These are parents who have sent their children to Hebrew Day School just as we have always been told we should, but for whatever reason have had a bad experience.  Sometimes this bad experience comes from having difficulty communicating with school administrators.  Other times, this difficulty resides with the fact that their children have learning differences and need to learn a different “way” than the way that their teachers teach.  Sometimes these difficulties may come from other children being cruel and causing fear and a tremendous amount of stress in their child.  Being overweight can be big disadvantage on these early years. This is often where the tummy ache syndrome appears.  The children find going to school so stressful that they get sick over the idea of having to return to the torture chamber called school.

Any of these reasons are valid reasons for homeschooling.  Just as any method of homeschooling a family chooses to use is valid for them.  However, the problem arises when families who fit into this second category enter the homeschooling experience wanting to “leave an out”.  I liken this to a prenuptial agreement.  When a couple decides to get married, they can go into marriage with one of two attitudes.  They can go into marriage with the idea that Hashem has matched their soul to that of their Bashert and that marriage is a lifelong commitment to be broken only under extreme circumstances, or they can go into the marriage prepared for it to fail.


The problem is that statistics show that marriages begun on the premise that they are likely to fail usually do.  In the same way, homeschoolers who go into homeschooling leaving themselves “an out” by working very hard at keeping up with the schools “just in case” they need to send their children back to school are missing out on the beauty of the homeschooling experience.  Besides, why did they pull their children out of school in the first place?  Do they think that in one or two years’ time the school is going to somehow be different?  The child may be a little older, a little more capable of handling the school setting, but nothing will have changed about the school itself, except that perhaps it has gotten bigger.

To fully enjoy the homeschool experience, each family must learn to “think outside the box”.  It is an essential element to a successful homeschool experience.  I am not saying that we all need to think outside the box in the same way, that would be thinking inside a new box. Every homeschool choice a family makes is valid because they know best what will likely work for their family.

Sneaky-NutritionThis leads me back to my original point.  In my family, summer vacation goes from approximately mid-August to mid-October instead of June, July and August.  Why?  Because I cannot see the point of starting school the beginning of September only to start and stop during Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Succot.  I figure that since I am going to lose nearly a month of school because of the holidays, why not just shift our vacation?  In September the weather cools and the kids are more likely to want to go outside anyway.  Now, I am not trying to persuade you to change when you take vacation, I am just giving you one example of how I practice thinking outside the box to benefit my family’s lifestyle choices.

Other ways of thinking outside the box may be to eliminate the whole concept of summer vacation from your family routine and spread the time off out throughout the entire year. If you take advantage of this period of the year to teach them how to eat properly or how to keep some useful healthy habits, you may be giving them something very valuable for the near future. Whatever you chose to do in your family, remember that you write the rules.  So be well, think outside the box and kasiva v’chasima tova!